Quieta non movere

The house of old Jack still stands by the track,

though Jack and his mob have moved on.

The house that contained love, laughter and pain,

now silent, remains, since the death of the train.

Redundant, the rail still runs past the house,

though running to nowhere at all.

The silver thread that shone with the moon,

the lifeline to those down the back of beyond.

The country's too dry to bring back to life,

they all walked away. It was time to move on.

Now everyone's talking of moving on.

On and on and on and on .

Move on to where? Does it matter? Who cares.

As long as we're all moving on.

© Copyright 2006 David O'Gradey
Quieta non movere

Quieta non movere

-Oil on canvas 26" x 24" (66cm x 61cm)

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