One day, all the politicians bray,

we are going to deal with this.

Yes, one sunny day we'll all have our say

on this warming, climate change thing.

No point in rushing there's plenty of time.

Must be seen out there spinning our lines.

Make no commitment, there's no fear in that,

big business would fry us alive,

We'll do lots of meetings, chest thumping and eating,

a lot of hot air and good cheer.

And with great aspiration, on behalf of our nation,

We'll catch up again in two years.

They took a group photo of us in Kyoto

and Rio and L'aquila too

for history's sake just to show we were there

and all we intended to do.

Meanwhile, the earth's crying and species are dying,

she's heating and losing her breath.

The oceans are changing. The weather's rearranging.

Who cares, just as long as there's growth.

Can't cause a disruption to greed and corruption,

yet another fat fist-full of cash.

The economy will suffer, and your job, silly duffer,

do you want the whole system to crash?

Somebody told me it's all natures fault.

Who believes in this crap anyway?

It's caused by the sun. and the planets aligning,

and it's always been this way.

It's a scam that's been cooked up by greenies and such;

an underhand bid to take charge.

A scientific theory, by ego-mad fools,

Relax! It'll all be ok.

Take comfort you sceptics,

have faith in your claim,

that your god is the one to hold sway.

Go on with your folly. One day you'll be sorry,

one day when it's too late to move

and the earth will keep waning, there's no point complaining,

cause I hear another meeting is due.

So gather your lobbyists, advisers, offsiders,

and your offsider's, offsiders too.

Another conflation of conciliation,

a talkfest in expensive grey suits.

It isn't your fault that you can't all agree,

your last chance to do something new.

Don't let that dissuade you. And have a good time.

And I hope you enjoy the view.

© Copyright 2009 David O'Gradey


-Oil on canvas 30" x 48" (76cm x 122cm)

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