A killer wave swept through Iraq.

Promise of a patriarch

who lied about the reasons why

so many people had to die.

Thank you Tony. Thank you George.

Thank you little Johnny too.

You told us lies, won't apologize.

You didn't tell us what you knew.

The art of war says to deceive,

but not your own. The enemy.

It says it's best to fight a war

on anybody else's shore.

Let freedom reign, you all proclaim,

but some must die. I don't know why.

Only Arabs, so who cares.

They're human beings. It isn't fair.

So, count the bodies piling up.

Toss them in a beat up truck.

Bury them in unmarked graves.

Victims of the killer wave.

© Copyright 2006 David O'Gradey


-Oil on canvas 30" x 48" (76cm x 122cm)

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