Do you have fly buys? She asked.

And I said.

Of course.

I certainly do.

A panorama of pleasure

that's free to us all,

straight up there

in the endless deep blue.

Whitewashed and weightless.

Pitch dark and dense.

Gentle and threatening.

A blessing. A curse.

Forming and foaming

and fleeting and fading.

Windswept and winsome,

they are so diverse.

Fiery and brash

as the day slowly wanes.

Peachy and warm

in the cool morning glow.

Minuscule droplets

of life-giving rain.

Elusive, capricious,

mercurial flow.

© Copyright 2006 David O'Gradey


-Oil on canvas 30" x 48" (76cm x 122cm)

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