Do Dogs

Where did I come from?

Where will I go?

These are things I may never know.

Does a crow fly straight so it won't be late?

And if it were, would it really know?

Is a shag on a rock always alone?

Did the littlest pig wee all the way home?

At night all cats are grey they say.

Tomorrow will be yesterday.

Is true blue true?

Is a blue moon blue?

Do ants wear pants and join the army

Is a bandicoot poor, or bald or barmy?

Can anybody tell me please,

What's so great about bee's knees?

And do you wonder like I do,

If puppy dogs get déjà vu.

© Copyright 2006 David O'Gradey
Do Dogs

Do Dogs

-Oil on canvas 28" x 22" (71cm x56cm)

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